DIY Cat Toys Your Feline Friend Will Love

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It's no secret that cats love to play, but they're also picky about their choice of entertainment. And because cats grow bored very easily, you have to mix up her playtime every once in a while to keep it fresh and exciting. Interested in keeping your furry friend's interest? Try these three creative DIY cat toys:

The Ghost

the ghost diy cat toy

Your kitty will love to bat around this spirited creature, and not just on Halloween; it doubles as a cat-sized pillow!

What You'll Need

  • A cotton t-shirt
  • Thin piece of cloth ribbon, 9 to 10 inches long
  • Metal jingle bell
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent marker
  • constructing the ghost diy cat toy

How to Make It

Cut two squares out of the t-shirt–one 5 by 5 inches and one 2½ by 2½ inches. Fit a tiny, metal jingle bell in the middle of the smaller square for a source of alluring noise, and loosely wad this up into a ball. Place the ball in the middle of the larger square and wrap around the balled fabric. Tie the ribbon around the bottom of the ball securely to create the head.

For your cat's safety, trim the ribbon close to the ghost's neck so she doesn't chew or swallow the ribbon. Draw a spooky face for your ghost and you're ready to go! When the fabric begins to fray or the ribbon becomes loose, simply replace with a new ghost (she obviously likes it).


cappy diy cat toyYour fur baby will love the springy, lightweight motion of this toy. Cappy moves especially well on smooth surfaces like hardwood and tile. It's a great way to get your kitty moving.

What You'll Need

  • Soft plastic food container lid (yogurt tub, cottage cheese, or the like)
  • Two plastic water bottles, pureed fruit pouch, or a similar cap (it's more fun if they're both different)
  • Scissors
  • Nail or awl (a pointed tool used to pierce holes)

constructing cappy diy cat toy

How to Make It

First, cut off the edge of the plastic lid and trim it into one barbell-shaped strip. The middle of the strip should be approximately 3 inches long and 1/8-inch wide. The barbell ends should be approximately a half-inch wide.

Next, carefully poke a hole in each of the bottle caps using the nail or awl. Gently fold together the barbell ends of the plastic strip and insert each end into the hole of a bottle cap. After you thread each end through these caps, unfold the barbell's ends to secure the cap in place. There you have it! Hours of joy as she watches both ends spin across the floor.

The Sputnik

the sputnik diy cat toyMuch like the 1950s Earth satellite after which it's named, the Sputnik toy is out of this world. If you want to make your own cat toys and pay homage to outer space, this one's for you.

What You'll Need

  • Small, plastic food container lid
  • Thin, cardboard food box (cereal, pasta)
  • Cellophane tape
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter

How to Make It

gray cat playing with the sputnik diy cat toyCut off the edge of the plastic lid, then carefully cut out six strips that are each about 1/8-inch wide and 2 to 3 inches in length, depending on lid size.

For the box, cut one cardboard strip 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. Fold the strip lengthwise into five equal segments, and then unfold. Next, fold the top and bottom of the strip so that they meet, then unfold (these creases will become Sputnik's box sides). Use the box cutter to cut slits in the vertical crease lines just to the horizontal crease line, creating flaps on the top and bottom of the strip. Cut two parallel slits, approximately the width of the plastic strips, in the middle of each of the five segments and on the top and bottom flap of one of the end sections.

inserting the loop for the sputnik diy cat toy

Loop each of the plastic strips through the pairs of slits in the middle section of the cardboard. Secure the back of each loop with tape. Then, fold up the cardboard into a tiny box with the plastic strip ends extending out of each side of the box. Leave the strip lengths as is or trim to your cat's desire. These strips are durable and safe for your cat to play with, and one swipe of her paw will toss it in a random direction. Now you've got your very own satellite.

As with any cat toys, be sure to check your creations every now and then to ensure your cat hasn't ripped off pieces that could be choking hazards. If you're noticing any loose strings or dangling pieces it's best to take it away from your kitty to make repairs or replace it altogether. But learning to make your own cat toys is a fun way to liven up your friendship with your feline pal, and these DIY cat toys are just the thing to cure her boredom!

Photo source: Christine O'Brien

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