Cat Workouts and Exercise Tips

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Cat Workouts and Exercise Tips

Smart, practical pointers for staying active and optimizing weight through exercise.

  • Toys
    Homemade or pet shop toys help to encourage your cat to get moving.

  • "Catch the Light"
    Shine a flashlight on the floor and walls and let your cat play.

  • "Boxing"
    Let your cat play in a box or paper bag.

  • "Hunting"
    Put a few kibbles of your cat's favorite Science Diet™ cat food in different places each day (including on top of tall furniture) and bring out the hunter in your cat!

Healthy cats that spend a lot of time outdoors will get plenty of exercise by hunting, playing and exploring. Overweight and indoor cats on the other hand, often suffer from lack of exercise. But exercising your cat is not difficult, along with helping her to lose weight; it makes a big difference to her overall health and happiness.


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