Australia’s Top Trending Cat Breeds and Names 2022

Which cat breeds and cat names are Aussies searching for the most and why? To find out, Hill’s Pet Nutrition Australia has uncovered the latest insights on cat ownership, our favourite cat breeds and temperament types, and the top trending cat names of the last 12 months. If you want to know more about top cat companions then check out the findings from our bespoke study below.

Top Cat Breeds Australia 

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Australia analysed Australian search behaviour to find out the top trending and most popular cat breeds, cat characteristics and cat names right now. The team looked at 76 million Google search volumes to reveal which cat breeds are in high demand, the temperaments we’re most interested in, and whether or not this differed by state or territory. Whether you’re a cat owner yourself, or just a fan of all things cat-related, read on for the latest ‘paw-some’ cat trends and insights.

For many Australians, cats make the perfect companions.

There continues to be a steady interest surrounding pet ownership in Australia and this trend is visible when it comes to what current and potential owners are searching for. Australians continue to show enthusiasm for bringing a feline friend into their lives, with over 4.9 million searches surrounding getting a new cat this year.

The data reveals that interested owners are leaning more towards adoption and rescue, rather than sourcing new cats from breeders – with over 3.1 million searches made this year alone, and there are still lots of cats looking for a loving home.

Australia's top trending cat breeds revealed

There’s no doubt about it – Australians are smitten with kittens and cats! But which breeds are we looking for?

Top 10 trending cat breeds

We analysed Google searches of 66 cat breeds and types (pedigree and mixed) to reveal our top 10 searched for breeds nationally, and by state and territory. All top breeds featured are ‘pedigree registered’ breeds.

#1 Maine Coon


Maine Coon is top trending dog breed in Australia


The winner is… the Maine Coon! The Maine Coon took out the #1 spot in search interest nationally, and in every state, territory and main city, retaining the crown as our most searched for breed two years in a row. This year, there were over 1.1 million searches for Maine Coon, more than double that of the nearest competitor.


A large, semi-longhaired cat, the Maine Coon is big-boned with a rugged, muscular appearance. But despite her size, she’s sweet and gentle, and can easily adapt to any environment as long as she has room to exercise. This cats beautiful coat requires regular brushing to keep her looking her best.

#2 Bengal


Bengal is 2nd trending cat breed in Australia


The striking Bengal retained #2 position nationally again this year, with 412,000 searches to its name, there’s plenty of interest in this breed.


The Bengal has the exotic spotted or marbled appearance of a small forest-dwelling wild cat, combined with the domestic cat’s affectionate temperament. Curious and alert, this long, muscular cat needs plenty of room to run, jump and play. This breed is high energy and can get into mischief, so she requires plenty of attention and playtime. Having an enclosed outdoor run can help provide environmental stimulation whilst also protecting this precious feline from harm and misadventure.


#3 Ragdoll


Ragdoll is 3rd trending cat breed in Australia


An ideal apartment breed, the Ragdoll was again Australia’s 3rd most searched for breed, with 391,200 searches.


The Ragdoll is a large, easy-to-handle cat, with a plush coat and relaxed nature. It’s her laid-back, tolerant disposition that gives this breed its floppy ragdoll impression. She usually adapts well to change, and gets along with the whole family. Like the Maine Coon, Ragdolls do require regular brushing and many enjoy this time bonding with their owner. This cat breed is also predisposed to a range of conditions including heart disease so make sure you do your research before welcoming one into your home.

#4 British Shorthair


British Shorthair is 4th trending cat Breed in Australia


In 4th place, the British Shorthair received 387,300 searches nationally in 2022 and is a much-loved cat breed.


A 19th century British breed, the British Shorthair is a compact yet powerful cat, with a thick dense coat that becomes thicker in winter. She’s playful and affectionate, making a loyal companion for someone living on their own. However, it is important to be aware of the health conditions that are commonly found in this breed. Her shorter snout can mean she is more prone to noisy breathing and shortness of breath. British Shorthairs can often have a predisposition for heart disease, blood clots and polycystic kidney disease. Regular check ups with your veterinarian are imperative to monitor health complications that could develop and we encourage any future cat parents to research breeds and consider the impact of choices carefully, before making a new addition to your family.

#5 Russian Blue


Russian Blue is 5th trending cat Breed in Australia


A new entry into this year’s top 10 trending cat breeds is the loveable Russian Blue, this breed has climbed up 7 positions from a previous 12th place position last year. In 2022 the Russian Blue has already accumulated over 297,300 searches!


The reason for this growth in popularity may stem from more than just their sleek signature grey coat and illuminating eyes; they are also very loyal companions, independent in nature, and love to maintain their own routine. They are a good companion for families with allergies because they do not shed as much as other breeds and produce lower levels of the glycoprotein Fel d 1, a known allergen.

#6 Persian


Persian is the 6th trending cat breed in Australia


With 260,010 searches, the elegant Persian comes in at #6 again this year, retaining a solid position in the year-on-year rankings.


The Persian’s distinctive looks (short snout and prominent, wide set eyes) and soft fur are easily recognisable and well loved. Not known for being an active cat (apart from sudden bursts of kitten-like activity), attention must be paid to the nutritional and exercise needs of this sweet-natured breed. Prospective owners of this breed should be aware that her distinctive looks can mean this cat is predisposed to noisy breathing, breathlessness and entropion (an eye condition that causes the eyelid to fold inwards and rub on the eye). This cat should be kept indoors and care needs to be taken during summer months to avoid overheating.

#7 Sphynx


Sphynx is the 7th trending cat breed in Australia


This year’s #7 is the intriguing Sphynx, she is down two positions this year falling out of the top five. Her unique looks are clearly appreciated by Aussies, totalling 258,4700 searches


Although she may look completely hairless upon first glance, the Sphynx has a very fine coat similar to peach-fuzz. With an intelligent, lively and amenable nature, the Sphynx is an acrobatic clown that loves to entertain and follow you around the house like a puppy. This breed requires regular bathing to maintain skin health and extra caution needs to be taken in regards to their exposure to both cold weather and direct sunlight. Pet parents should regularly check the appearance of this breed’s skin and if any changes are observed they should seek advice from their veterinarian.

#8 Munchkin


Munchkin is the 8th trending cat Breed in Australia


Another new entry into this year’s most popular cat breeds, climbing up five positions is the aptly named, Munchkin. She takes 8th position with 241,690 searches across Australia this year.


A newer breed that is not currently recognised by all cat organisations, the Munchkin has short, stubby legs.


However, any prospective pet parents must be aware of associated health concerns and conditions with this cat. Her greatly shortened limbs compromise the ability of the Munchkin to jump, and the risk of joint disease as well as a predisposition to osteoarthritis, are key concerns. The Munchkin has an increased likelihood to suffer from both an excessive curvature of the spine (lordosis) and a hollowed chest (pectus excavatum), all of which are known to reduce quality of life. It is important that you do your due diligence before bringing a new cat into your home.

#9 Siamese


siamese is the 9th trending cat breed in Australia


With a history going back to 13th century Thai royalty, the Siamese secured 9th place, with 233,840 searches and falls two positions from last year’s top ten rankings.


The Siamese is elegant and slender, with an inquisitive face and piercing blue eyes. She’s an affectionate cat that demands equal affection and dedication from her parent. She can be trained to walk on a lead – as long as she wants to of course.

#10 Scottish Fold


Scottish Fold is the 10th trending cat breed in Australia


Rounding out our list of Australia’s top trending cat breeds is the Scottish Fold in 10th spot. This charming breed saw a huge increase in searches this year, climbing a staggering fifty-one places to feature in our top 10 most searched for cat breeds. She brings in a total of 219,330 searches.


Scottish Folds are known for their calm, intelligent and affectionate nature. They are still somewhat independent but do make excellent lap companions who enjoy attention from their humans. They are easy to groom and can have long or short hair to their coats. They are not hypoallergenic, so it is best to avoid this breed if you are known to have allergies to cat fur. Scottish Folds can develop both stiffness and joint pain due to a hereditary health condition known as osteochondrodysplasia. These signs are not always visible so it is important to be aware of any changes in the cat’s personality and activity level and if concerned seek veterinary advice.

Top 25 Trending Cat Breeds in Australia

Ranking Breed Registered Status 2021 2022 YoY% YoY Ranking Change
1 Maine Coon Pedigree Registered Breed 1,069,320 1,117,700 5% 0
2 Bengal Pedigree Registered Breed 434,200 412,000 -5% 0
3 Ragdoll Pedigree Registered Breed 397,200 391,200 -2% 0
4 British Shorthair Pedigree Registered Breed 408,300 387,300 -5% 0
5 Russian Blue Pedigree Registered Breed 328,550 297,370 -9% 7+
6 Persian Pedigree Registered Breed 256,630 260,010 1% 0
7 Sphynx Pedigree Registered Breed 264,200 258,470 -2% -2
8 Munchkin Pedigree Registered Breed 242,050 241,690 0% 5+
9 Siamese Pedigree Registered Breed 237,870 233,840 -2% -2
10 Scottish Fold Pedigree Registered Breed 215,290 219,330 2% 51+
11 Norwegian Forest Pedigree Registered Breed 198,040 200,270 1% -3
12 Burmese Pedigree Registered Breed 191,140 191,150 0% -3
13 Siberian Pedigree Registered Breed 150,130 149,140 -1% -2
14 Devon Rex Pedigree Registered Breed 145,100 143,200 -1% -3
15 Abyssinian Pedigree Registered Breed 139,920 134,740 -4% 3+
16 Birman Pedigree Registered Breed 126,350 117,500 -7% 3+
17 Manx Pedigree Registered Breed 78,580 75,900 -3% -3
18 Tonkinese Pedigree Registered Breed 79,400 70,100 -12% 9+
19 Domestic Shorthair Not Registered on ANCATS 55,800 66,100 18% 14+
20 Himalayan Not Registered on ANCATS 69,430 66,040 -5% -3
21 Bombay Pedigree Registered Breed 66,400 65,200 -2% -5
22 Turkish Angora Pedigree Registered Breed 58,620 63,600 8% 3+
23 Oriental Shorthair Pedigree Registered Breed 59,570 58,500 -2% -2
24 Cornish Rex Pedigree Registered Breed 55,360 53,990 -2% -2
25 Exotic Shorthair Pedigree Registered Breed 62,990 52,800 -16% -5

Top trending cat breeds by state and territory

Read on to find out which cat breeds take the top spots across our states and territories. Is your four-legged friend included in our list?


Read on to find out which cat breeds take the top spots across our states and territories. Is your four-legged friend included in our list?

The Maine Coon tops the searches in all states and territories

The only breed to achieve a consistent ranking across all states and territories, the Maine Coon was the most searched for cat Australia-wide this year, retaining her number one position from last year. She may be large in size, but her sweet and gentle nature has won over fans around the country.

British Shorthair interest is higher in all states apart from Queensland and South Australia

In Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales the British Shorthair ranked #2 for searches, yet fell into #5 and #6 for South Australia and Queensland this year. This could be because the breed’s thick, dense coat makes it much more suitable for the cooler climates than the hot and humid temperatures of QLD.

Norwegian Forest Cat is Favoured by Tasmanian’s

It’s a similar story for the Norwegian Forest cat, which ranked #6 in Tasmania; the highest of all states and 9th in the Australian Capital Territory. Rounding out 10th position in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. It’s another breed that has a thick, heavy coat that’s better suited to a cooler climate.

The Sphynx – a much-loved breed in typically warmer states; Northern Territory, Queensland, and Western Australia

The Sphynx took 5th place for three out of our eight states and territories and featured lower down the list for the others. An almost-hairless cat, the Sphynx doesn’t like cold temperatures – making warmer environments more suitable for this unique-looking breed.

Top Trending Cat Breeds by Australian State and Territory

Rank State              
Maine Coon 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
British Shorthair 2 4 6 5 2 2 4 3
Bengal 3 2 2 2 3 4 2 2
Ragdoll 4 3 3 3 4 3 3 4
Russian Blue 5 7 4 4 5 5 6 5
Persian 6 8 9 7 8 6 9 7
Sphynx 7 5 5 6 7 7 5 6
Scottish Fold 8 10 - - - 8 - -
Munchkin 9 9 7 9 10 10 7 -
Siamese 10 6 8 8 9 9 8 -
Norwegian Forest - - 10 10 6 - 10 9
Burmese - - - - - - - 8
Siberian - - - - - - - 10


Read on to find out which cat breeds take the top spots across Australian cities. Is your four-legged friend included in our list?

The Maine Coon is the top cat breed in all Australian main cities

This large breed with her sweet temperament has taken top spot in all our cities this year.

Bengal cat sits in top 3 rankings for all cities, apart from Melbourne

Australia’s 2nd most popular breed wins hearts nationally, yet narrowly misses a ‘top three’ clean sweep due to search volume in Victoria’s Melbourne – where she takes out #4.

Russian Blue is preferred in Adelaide, whilst Brisbanites seek out The Sphynx

These breeds are the 4th most searched in each city respectively; with city wide differences showing outside the top positions. The Russian Blue, a seemingly perfect addition to Adelaidean homes, whilst the Sphynx’s distinct lack of fur, is more highly searched for in Australia’s sunshine state. Yet due to their lack of fur, this breed is more susceptible to sunburn and skin cancers, so skin health should be top of mind for all pet parents. We suggest speaking to your vet to find out how to protect their skin from the harsh Australian weather.

Top Trending Cat Breeds by Australian City

Rank State            
Cat Breed Sydney Darwin Brisbane Adelaide Hobart Melbourne Perth
Maine Coon 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
British Shorthair 2 2 5 5 2 2 4
Bengal 3 3 3 2 3 4 2
Ragdoll 4 4 2 3 4 3 3
Russian Blue 5 6 6 4 5 5 5
Persian 6 7 8 7 10 6 7
Scottish Fold 7 10 - 10 - 8 10
Sphynx 8 5 4 6 7 7 6
Munchkin 9 9 7 9   10 8
Siamese 10 8 9 8 9 9 9
Norwegian Forest - - 10 - 6 - -
Burmese - - - - 8 - -

Cat traits and characteristics

We analysed Google search volume of specific characteristics such as fur colour and temperament to find out what Australians think is important in a new furry friend.

Popular Cat Fur Colour

Tabby on top, but black and calico trending highly

The distinctive markings and stripes of a tabby cat are well loved by Australians, with 296,350 searches this year, a 10.48% YoY increase. This was closely followed by black coats, with 267,220 searches and calico, the tri-colour patchwork fur-like coat rounding out the top 3 with 159,910 searches.

Although cats with brown coats came in at #7 with 60,130 searches, it had a massive YoY increase of 320%. Solid brown coats tend to be rarer in cats and are often said to be the result of a gene mutation that reduces the amount of black pigment in the fur. The rarity of this colour may partially explain the surge in interest.

Most Searched-for Cat Traits

Age is still the number one consideration for new cat owners

For Australians looking to adopt, rescue or buy a cat, age was the top consideration, with 414,770 searches relating to the age of the cat (i.e. mature or kitten) this year. This was predominantly driven by searches for kittens, yet whilst still popular this trend is on the decline.

Hypoallergenic cat breeds are searched for

This was followed by maintenance, which shows a preference for cat breeds that are easy to look after, particularly in terms of grooming.

In fact, ‘hairless cat’ was the most searched term out of the keywords in this category with 226,200 searches this year. The Sphynx, which came in at #7 in our list of top trending cat breeds nationally, is the most well-known (almost) hairless cat. ‘Hypoallergenic cat’also pulled in over 50,000 searches with many Australians seeking cat breeds that are suited to those with allergies.

Size of breed is also a consideration for many

The 3rd most searched for characteristic when it comes to cat breeds is size, with people mainly searching for small cat breeds – the Munchkin, ranked at #8 nationally this year is well known for its miniature size.

Top Trending Cat Traits

Rank Trait 2021 2022 YoY%
1 Age 452,590 414,770 -8.36%
2 Maintenance 381,130 383,330 0.58%
3 Size 193,580 208,100 7.50%
4 Temperament 68,870 66,190 -3.89%
5 Energy Level 14,960 14,510 -3.01%
  Grand Total 1,111,130 1,086,900 -2.18%

Trending cat names

How do you choose the perfect pet name?

Finding the perfect name for your new cat can be challenging. You could choose a name to suit her unique personality or looks, or find one that reflects something (or someone) you admire. There’s an overwhelming number of options, so to help inspire you, Hill’s Pet Nutrition Australia has pulled together a list of the top trending cat names this year.

Much like baby names, pet name trends change each year, and the names we’re loving at the moment are often a reflection of what’s happening in the world around us – from popular culture and celebrities to places and events.

To pull together our list, we analysed search volumes of already well-known and popular cat names in order to reveal Australia’s current trending favourites through a search ‘popularity’ index score based on growth in search and YoY change.

Although this isn’t a definitive list of what Australians are actually naming their cats, you might be inspired by some of the trends and find just the right name for your new fur baby.

Overall name trends

Cleo is the most popular cat name

Cleo is the top trending cat name of the year, with a huge increase in search volume of over 1000% and a high index ranking score of 13.1. Cleo has ancient Greek origin and means “to celebrate” or “to praise” - a name which reflects how many owners feel about their feline friends.

Popular Human names take top spots

It’s no wonder that this year’s top cat name list includes many traditional names that we love, suitable for our furry companions as well as our human babies. In fact, Luna (#3) features in the top baby girl names of the year and Chloe (#4), Oscar (#5) and Millie (#9) are all popular names in their own right.

Old Favourites win our hearts 

Traditional cat names such as Lucky (#7) and Boots (#8) are also highly ranked this year and provide plenty of inspiration for new owners looking for a suitable moniker.

Top 25 Overall Trending Names in Australia

The higher the index score, the stronger the YoY % change and therefore, the increase in interest of name.

Overall Rank Name Category 2021 2022 YoY% Index
1 Cleo Female 36,100 405,400 1023% 11.23
2 Pepper Gender Neutral 305,500 804,500 163% 2.63
3 Luna Female 139,600 352,200 152% 2.52
4 Chloe Female 178,800 290,600 63% 1.63
5 Oscar Male 230,600 355,600 54% 1.54
6 Felix Male 188,700 275,300 46% 1.46
7 Lucky Gender Neutral 96,000 137,200 43% 1.43
8 Boots Gender Neutral 410,500 559,600 36% 1.36
9 Millie Female 18,900 25,600 35% 1.35
10 Jasper Male 83,700 112,300 34% 1.34
11 Gus Male 25,200 33,000 31% 1.31
12 Willow Female 198,200 252,700 27% 1.27
13 Lulu Female 153,800 189,500 23% 1.23
14 Max Male 113,800 138,700 22% 1.22
15 Milo Male 236,000 284,300 20% 1.20
16 Lola Female 67,400 81,000 20% 1.20
17 Frankie Gender Neutral 231,100 277,000 20% 1.20
18 Princess Female 301,800 357,400 18% 1.18
19 Midnight Gender Neutral 50,400 59,600 18% 1.18
20 Toby Male 23,600 27,300 16% 1.16
21 Buddy Male 47,400 54,500 15% 1.15
22 Winston Male 30,800 35,200 14% 1.14
23 Murphy Gender Neutral 45,700 51,600 13% 1.13
24 Oliver Male 115,600 128,400 11% 1.11
25 Finn Male 32,800 36,400 11% 1.11

Which cat name category was the most popular?

How do you choose the perfect pet name?

This year we have taken a deep dive analysing the ‘top of the top’ names list, to see which of these are trending right now. So, if you are stuck on name inspiration for your new furry friend, take a look at our trending name insights below.

#1 Male Cat Names

The top 25 male cat names drew in more than 3.69 million searches this year with Oscar leading the pack as top male moniker of 2022. In fact, 30% of the top 10 cat names are male equating to 44% of the top 25 also.

Top ten searches:

  • #1 Oscar
  • #2 Felix
  • #3 Jasper
  • #4 Gus
  • #5 Max
  • #6 Milo
  • #7 Toby
  • #8 Buddy
  • #9 Winston
  • #10 Oliver

Top Trending Male Cat Names

Category Rank Name 2020 2021 YoY% Index Overall Rank 2021
1 Oscar 230,600 355,600 54% 1.54 5
2 Felix 188,700 275,300 46% 1.46 6
3 Jasper 83,700 112,300 34% 1.34 10
4 Gus 25,200 33,000 31% 1.31 11
5 Max 113,800 138,700 22% 1.22 14
6 Milo 236,000 284,300 20% 1.20 15
7 Toby 23,600 27,300 16% 1.16 20
8 Buddy 47,400 54,500 15% 1.15 21
9 Winston 30,800 35,200 14% 1.14 22
10 Oliver 115,600 128,400 11% 1.11 24

#2 Female Cat Names:

This year the top female cat names had 3,698,200 searches, with Cleo this year’s number 1 pulling in over 405,000 across the board. In terms of the top 25 names, 8 out of the 25 are female with many also featuring within popular human name rankings this year.

  • #1 Cleo
  • #2 Luna
  • #3 Chloe
  • #4 Millie
  • #5 Willow
  • #6 Lulu
  • #7 Lola
  • #8 Princess
  • #9 Piper
  • #10 Maggie

Top Trending Female Cat Names

Category Rank Name 2021 2022 YoY% Index Overall Rank 2021
1 Cleo 36,100 405,400 1023% 11.23 1
2 Luna 139,600 352,200 152% 2.52 3
3 Chloe 178,800 290,600 63% 1.63 4
4 Millie 18,900 25,600 35% 1.35 9
5 Willow 198,200 252,700 27% 1.27 12
6 Lulu 153,800 189,500 23% 1.23 13
7 Lola 67,400 81,000 20% 1.20 16
8 Princess 301,800 357,400 18% 1.18 18
9 Piper 74,400 82,500 11% 1.11 27
10 Maggie 50,400 55,700 11% 1.11 29

#3 Gender Neutral Cat Names:

The top 25 gender neutral cat names pulled in over 6.6 million searches, with Pepper taking the lion's share at over 800,000 alone. Some of these cat names may bring back many fond childhood memories with many classics making the list. Of the top 10, 30% are gender neutral and 24% of the top 25 cat names fall into this category - yet gender neutral saw the least number of names in the over top 25 ranking.

  • #1 Pepper
  • #2 Lucky
  • #3 Boots
  • #4 Frankie
  • #5 Midnight
  • #6 Murphy
  • #7 Socks
  • #8 Mittens
  • #9 Coco
  • #10 Harley

Top Trending Gender Neutral Cat Names

Category Rank Name 2020 2021 YoY% Index Overall Rank 2021
1 Pepper 305,500 804,500 163% 2.63 2
2 Lucky 96,000 137,200 43% 1.43 7
3 Boots 410,500 559,600 36% 1.36 8
4 Frankie 231,100 277,000 20% 1.20 17
5 Midnight 50,400 59,600 18% 1.18 19
6 Murphy 45,700 51,600 13% 1.13 23
7 Socks 228,600 253,200 11% 1.11 28
8 Mittens 27,700 30,500 10% 1.10 30
9 Coco 392,600 428,200 9% 1.09 31
10 Harley 57,800 62,000 7% 1.07 34

Looking for a new kitten or cat?

Bringing home a new kitten or cat is one of life’s joys, but they’re also a big responsibility. Your new family member is dependent on you to take care of all of its needs, and provide it with a safe and loving environment.

Start by choosing the right breed to suit you and your family. Consider how much time you spend at home each day, how much effort you’re willing to put into grooming, exercise and playtime, and what the ongoing costs, such as food, toys and veterinary care, are likely to be. Remember, cats can live for 15 – 20 years, so make sure you do plenty of research before you commit to a new pet. If you decide a purebred cat is right for your household, make sure you do your homework; look into the health conditions the breed is predisposed to as well as choose a registered breeder carefully. Some inherited diseases can be screened for, so it is important to ask the breeder if there is a test for the specific condition and whether the parents and kittens have been screened and the results.

Alternatively if you decide you do want to introduce a new kitten or cat into your life, then why not consider adopting one from an animal shelter? Moggies or domestic cats often come from a much wider gene pool meaning they are less likely to have hereditary conditions. They can make wonderful companions and it is a great feeling to give a cat or kitten a second chance. Find out more about adopting a cat or kitten and help provide a new beginning and a loving home for a feline in need.

Helping your cat live its best life

We all love our cats, and try our best to make their daily lives happy and healthy. But if you’re a new pet parent, it can be hard to know how to look after your beloved friend the right way. Fortunately, Hill's Pet Nutrition is here to help. We’ve put together top tips and advice from our pet experts on topics from care, to training to nutritional needs. No matter which breed you adore, we’re there at every stage of your cat’s development to help them live their best life.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s Top Cat Breed Dietary Suggestions

We know just how important the right nutrition and a well-balanced diet is to your cat’s health and wellbeing throughout their life and at Hill’s, we pride ourselves in providing the food your pet needs. See our table below to find our suggestion for foods to suit your feline friend or click here to browse food suggestions.

By Cat Breed

Cat Breed / Cat Type Kitten Adult Mature

Short Haired breeds

No specialty need identified


Domestic short hair


British short hair

Russian Blue

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Breeds prone to hairballs


Domestic medium hair

Domestic long hair



Maine Coon

Norwegian Forest Cat

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Breeds prone to skin, stomach or digestive sensitivities



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Breeds prone to weight or weight related issues



Scottish Fold


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Hill’s Pet Nutrition used data sourced from Google Keyword Planner to perform a bespoke data study based on over 76 million Google searches, to identify changes in search behaviour around cat ownership due to the current climate across Australia. The study identified search volume and interest around cat adoption & rescue, getting a new cat, cat breeds, cat characteristics and cat names, to highlight Australia’s current search interest in these areas.

The data was distilled at a nationwide, state and city level to provide further insights on cat ownership and the rise in search interest. For all areas except cat names, categories were ranked by search volume.

For cat names a search ‘popularity’ index score based on growth in search and YoY change was applied, in order to reveal a list of current top trending cat names. The data relates only to search term volume, which may not correlate to actual preference of the nation. We can, however, draw the conclusion that the rise in search terms may be indicative of popularity or favouritism.

The study collated and analysed Google searches from September 2019 – August 2022 which allowed isolation of search behaviour in three twelve month timeframes (Sept 2019 - Aug 2020, Sept 2020 - Aug 2021 & Sept 2021 - Aug 2022) to provide a YoY comparison. Data was collated and analysed September 2022 and is representative at time of analysis.

Source and references:


Well-known, popular cat names:

Cat Care Articles

Keep your new best friend happy and healthy for years to come with these useful tools, resources and articles.