Show some love with wet foods: a great choice for pets with health issues

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When your pet has a health issue, most of us think about one thing: make sure your pet feels better as quickly as possible. And while clinical food plays an important role in health, the question remains on whether to feed wet or dry food, or a mixture of the two. Both are vital sources of the nutrition your pet needs, but wet foods have their own unique advantages. To help you decide what’s best for your pet, take a look at some important benefits that Hill’s Prescription Diet wet foods provide.

Benefits of Prescription Diet wet food

  • Extra love. Prescription Diet wet foods are a great way to indulge with your pet by giving them the nutrition they need, in irresistible mealtime varieties they’ll love.
  • Healthy benefits. Prescription Diet wet foods have comparable health benefits as the corresponding dry nutrition, so you can rest assured that your pets are getting the important nutrients they need to help with their health issues.
  • Taste. All Hill’s foods are tasty, but many pets simply love canned or pouched food because of the mouthwatering textures. If your pet is experiencing health issues and is feeling unwell, getting them to eat is hugely important.
  • Variety. There are a variety of wet options available that can complement Hill's Prescription Diet dry formulas. These come in multiple flavours, forms, textures and packaging options  – cans, stews and pouches – so, be sure to ask your vet about the right food for your pet.
  • Hydration. Hydration is hugely important in any health issue and wet foods are one of the easiest ways to increase water intake and keep your pets hydrated.
  • Cats. It’s highly recommended that cats are fed a mixture of wet and dry food. They become easily keen on texture. So, if they are fed a variety from a young age, and if at any time, they must eat one or the other due to their health issues, it’s an easy change.

Even more ways to show love with clinical wet foods

Watch the video to see 3 irresistible ways to feed wet food


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