5 tips for the best birthday for your cat

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Find food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a dog food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a cat food that fits your pet’s needs

It's time for a party, because it's your four-legged friend's birthday! Your cat's birthday may be slightly different from yours, but just like you, your four-legged friend will enjoy being pampered. So let the day be all about good food, love, fun, and last but not least, gifts!

kat in verjaardagstas

Giftideas for your cat

There are several ways to celebrate and spoil your cat on her birthday. We have collected the best ideas for you:

1. A tasty treat

Start the day with a tasty treat. Think of wet food instead of dry food. Another fun and healthy way to treat your cat is to make her own biscuits.

2. Give her some extra attention

Cats love attention. Whether it's cuddles or play, either way, she'll appreciate it if you give it to her. 

  • Do you have a cuddly cat? Cuddle her a little longer on her birthday or give her extra attention during the day. 
  • Does your cat like to play with you? Then make sure your cat gets some extra playtime. 
  • Even if you have a more independent cat, you can give her some extra attention by setting up a kibble scavenger hunt. It's a good way to get your cat moving. At the same time, she experiences pleasure from the search for cat treats. 

3. Surprise your cat with a cardboard box 

Did you know that cats love cardboard boxes? These give your cat a sense of security. Research has also shown that cats experience less stress in a cardboard box. Besides the fact that a cat can hide in a box and find some privacy that way, she can of course also play with it. So definitely an asset to your cat in several ways!

De verjaardag van mijn huiskat vieren

4. Make a homemade party hat

You probably know them, those pictures of cats wearing a party hat. In addition to really getting both your cat and yourself in the party mood, this is often really hilariously cute. And of course fun to share with friends and family on social media!

Is your cat not a fan of the party hat? Then put on the party hat yourself. This way you can still provide a festive photo with her. 

5. Last but not least… presents! 

No birthday without presents. In addition to attention and treats, you can of course also make your cat happy with a new toy. The possibilities are endless here. Do you give her something small like a hug or do you go for a new scratching post?In either case, you're giving her a birthday present, which just says you love her! 

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