Is your dog's birthday (soon)? Make it a party with our tips

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Find food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a dog food that fits your pet’s needs

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It's time for a party, because it's your four-legged friend's birthday! Your dog's birthday may be slightly different from yours, but just like you, your four-legged friend will enjoy being pampered. So let the day be all about good food, love, fun, and last but not least, gifts!

Gift ideas for your dog

Your dog has turned a year older and you want to celebrate this. We have a number of ideas for you with which you can put your dog in the limelight on his birthday:

1. A tasty treat: dogs love snacks too! 

Dogs love snacks. Here it is often an effective tool if you want to teach your dog something, but giving a treat 'just like that' is something your dog will certainly appreciate. 

Want to give your dog something to snack on? Then spoil him with homemade biscuits

2. Playtime!

Dogs like to play. Extra playtime is certainly a nice gift on your dog's birthday. For example, you can go for a long walk with him, throw away that stick a ball a little more often or play with your dog with a hug. Another fun and cozy way to provide (extra) playtime is to invite dog friends. That way you really make a party of it. Have a nice romp in the backyard, or if it's not

De verjaardag van mijn hondje vieren

3. Make a homemade party hat

A homemade party hat on your four-legged friend can be hilariously cute. Whether your dog finds it an ideal gift is another matter, but it certainly produces nice pictures! Does your dog not like a party hat? Then put the hat on yourself or decorate the room with it

4. No birthday without presents

In addition to a fun game with friends, dogs also love toys and toys. A new cuddly toy, tug toy or ball are therefore good gift options. Whatever you decide to give, your pet is sure to appreciate it!

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