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Take feeding time to a new level for your small breed dog.

Check out these tips to improve their feeding experience for a healthy and enjoyable mealtime.

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Use fruits & vegetables

Adding fruits and veggies to the meal can bring a little diversity along with some extra vitamins and fibre.  Generally, no more than 10% of your small breed dog’s calories should come from sources outside of their regular food, so adjust accordingly.

Food Serving Calories¹
Cucumber w/ peel ½ cups 7.8 kcals
Green snap beans 1 cup ½ pieces 31 kcals
Red capsicums (sliced) 1 cup 23.9 kcals
Green capsicums (sliced) 92 grams 18.4 kcals
Carrots (chopped) 1 cup 52.5 kcals
Corn 1 cup 606 kcals
Bananas 1 cup 134 kcals
 A small dog watches as the pet parent chops cucumbers

Which fruits and veggies are safe for your pet?

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A small dog playing with his pet parent

Combine wet & dry food

Mixing wet food with dry food is a great way to add texture and flavour to your pet's mealtime.

Mix Option Dry Food Wet Food
Crunchtime 95% 5%
A Bit of Bite 90% 10%
Soft 'n' Chewy 80% 20%

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Some options your dog might enjoy

1USDA Food Data Central: