1 in 3 pet parents do not recognise their pet's weight issue1


What does weight gain actually look like for your pet?

Compared to an average human, even a “little” weight gain can lead to larger issues in the future. See for yourself how each kilogram can add up.

1 kgs

over cat ideal weight

15 kgs

human equivalent weight

1 kgs

over small dog ideal weight

6 kgs

human equivalent weight

1 kgs

over large dog ideal weight

3 kgs

human equivalent weight

*Approximate calculation based on a 68 Kg person, 4.5 Kg cat, 11 Kg small breed dog, and 25 Kg large breed dog.

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Find resources to care for your overweight pet

Learn how to care for your pet and help them live a healthy, happy life.

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Your vet knows what’s best for your pet

Always consult your vet if you have concerns about your pet’s weight. We recommend starting the conversation with these three questions.


Is my pet at their ideal weight?


How can I help my pet reach their ideal weight?


How can food help manage my pet’s weight?

More ways to support your pet’s weight loss

Metabolic Dry and Perfect Weight Dry and Wet Food

Start with the right food

Hill’s has a variety of products that can help your pet achieve a healthy weight.

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Feed the love. Lose the weight.

Extra treats and people food can really add up over time. See how Poochini and Moto got their lives back.

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