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The Search for Discovery the Defines Us

In 1928, Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. established Raritan Hospital for Animals in Edison, New Jersey. At the time, this was one of only two small animal hospitals in the United States. Dr. Morris believed managing nutrition could have a positive effect on the health of companion animals. He developed the first Prescription Diet® pet food in an attempt to help one of America's first guide dogs who was having kidney health issues. Now decades later, Hill's Pet Nutrition is working to bring pets long, healthy lives. Read the complete story of Hill's Pet Nutrition.

Dr. Mark Morris Sr.  

Dr. Mark Morris Sr.

Born in 1901, Dr. Morris was a visionary in the area of clinical nutrition; he believed nutrition could be used to improve the lives of pets with certain health conditions.


Dr. Mark Morris Jr.

Dr. Mark Morris Jr., son of Dr. Mark Morris Sr. continued the legacy his father began in pet nutrition.